But struggle to ACTUALLY make that change LAST. Maybe you’ve started on your journey full of enthusiasm and energy, but that energy always seem to run out and that urgency that was once there seems to have gone. Almost always you seem to run back to those same old, but comfortable and safe routines. You might tell yourself “better luck tomorrow”, but tomorrow never comes and the whole cycle seems to repeat itself. Again, sigh.

That’s OK. You’re not superman, you know. 

Whatever your current situation is, at least you know you want to move forward. You want to get from A to B. From your current self to your future you. It doesn’t matter what that A or B might be for you and whether you want to be there in a week, a year, of maybe even 5 years from now. You know it. It’s your story. Everybody can grow and has the potential to become something better, regardless of their point of departure. You showing up here shows that you’re haven’t given up and you’re willing to get out of this situation. Fair play for that. Give yourself a small pat on the back. Life isn’t always easy and the path forward definitely isn’t always clear and straightforward. Heck no! Sometimes it’s a right mess and it’s quite tricky to know what to do next.

Maybe you’re

You are not as good as people think you are, maybe because you believe other people are better than you. You feel stressed about this and want to do something about it.
You might want to change your career because you feel unhappy and unfulfilled about your current job. Maybe you’ve lost your sparkle and want to feel excited again. But where the heck should you start and is this something you're really sure about?
And therefore you're in a low mood, maybe even anxious. You might want to improve your lifestyle (shed some pounds, start exercising, stop smoking, etc.) because this is not the way you want to life for the rest of your life. You know you can do better that this and you need to stop making excuses to move forward.
Because of the lousy stories you keep telling and repeating to yourself. Stories you know aren't real. Stories you know you shouldn't believe in but can't help to accept. It's time to get your confidence back and start believing in yourself again!
The feeling makes you completely numb and almost paralysed. It can completely overwhelm you and you don't know what to do with yourself.

Benefits of having a life coach

Although you're the expert of your life sometimes you just need that little bit of help to deal with the challenges life throws at you. A gentle nudge in the right direction so that you can clearly see and figure out the exciting path that lies ahead of you.

A coach is there for you and is someone who:

  • you can trust in a safe environment where you can feel completely understood.
  • listens to your story, with full attention but without judgement.
  • gets you from your A to B.
  • helps you begin to see and become more self-aware of the fruits of your own potential and resources within you.
  • makes you feel able and confident enough to step outside your comfort zone.
  • challenges your fake limitations and negative self-beliefs that are holding you back.
  • holds you accountable, maintains commitment, and regularly follows-up on your goals.
  • can help you clarify your mission and purpose.


To see how we can work together and see if life coaching is something for you.


The Habit Coach has been set-up by Nick, a certified life coach and NLP Practitioner. Nick has set-up the Habit Coach – a local life coaching business based in Pembrokeshire – because he thoroughly enjoys supporting people just like you in following through on the goals you have set yourself or habits you want to build or overcome. What makes Nick different to most other life coaches and NLP Practitioners out there is that his passion about coaching and helping out other people is also expressed in his role as a behavioural therapist. This implies that Nick practices behaviour change in two different but very complimentary roles. Although Nick has got plenty of academic baggage – probably too much –  to know how to teach you how to make behaviour change happen and last he purposely chooses to remain down to earth and practical instead of working in an ivory tower. You don’t want an academic conversation, full of jargon. No, you want simple tools and techniques that you can immediately apply to your life.

Habit Coach is based in Pembrokeshire, at The Therapy Rooms in Pembroke Dock
Habit Coach Nick, life coach and NLP Practitioner in Pembrokeshire