You eagerly seek change in some area or areas of your life, but struggle to ACTUALLY make that change LAST. Whatever that lifestyle change is – to lose weight, change your career, get more sleep, get fit, or stop smoking – it’s on your mind for a while. Wait, let’s rephrase that: A PRETTY LONG WHILE!!

You’ve always kick started your journey full of enthusiasm and energy, but after a while your motivation seems fleeting and your energy levels wear off. So far you’ve continuously seem to have GIVEN IN and consequently GIVEN UP. Looking back on these experiences, you might feel quite annoyed, guilty, down, or even pretty frustrated about that. You still might feel this at this very moment. *SIGH….* No worries. No worries at all. That’s OK.


The big city: Rotterdam
Fresh from uni this picture was taken at the start of my short-lived 'career' as a consultant in energy at a small consultancy firm in Rotterdam


It took me almost two years to build up enough momentum. Almost as if I had to hit a pain threshold before I felt confident and able enough to make a move. Freshly graduated from uni – which took me slightly over 7 years as I got a bit sidetracked along the way – I kick-started my career to work as a consultant in Rotterdam. To any outsider it seemed I totally made it. All by myself moving to a big thriving city to work on respectable topics such as energy, climate, and sustainability. Trying to make a positive change,maybe a tad bit naive in thinking that I could make a difference. To be fair, it was one of those jobs that appeared very appealing at the start, looked even better on your CV. After a while, however, I started to feel misplaced because my heart wasn’t completely in it.

That feeling only grew as I was slowly climbing up in the ranks.


I decided something needed to happen

So almost two years into the job I decided to attend an expensive 9-day NLP Practitioner retreat. That’s where, well let’s say, I had my epiphany and found the courage to chase that was on my mind for so long. One of the exercises we did really helped with that: a wooden inspiration board. No more than 15 by 15 inches. On one side, the idea was to write all the good stuff you wanted to have in your life. The other side was specifically reserved for those things that needed to go out of your life. Sounds quite simple, doesn’t it? I spend a few moments at it over the next couple days and eventually I had my own  visual inspiration board. A board that I could hold, almost like a compass telling me where to go. My trigger words were sun, sea, beach, adventure, action, focus, love, swim, cliffs, guts, trust yourself, action, start a business, the outdoors, and many more exciting stuff.

Looking back on it, most of those words stemmed from a totally awesome holiday experience I had Wales only six months earlier. That inspiration board, however, set in motion my action to submit an application letter to a coasteering operator in Pembrokeshire and potentially leave behind my career as a consultant.  After a few funny email conversations “I’m wondering accommodation and transport, etc. Netherlands to Pembrokeshire is a mammoth daily commute” a got a chance to fly over for the job interview. I got lucky, got the job and two weeks later my life was totally different.  The pay wasn’t everything, but I was one happy chap.


The morale of the story?

Everybody’s story is different, but most of us have something going on in our head that we aren’t really willing to share yet. A thought that continues to linger in your mind. Maybe a picture of where you want to go, a person you aspire to become, or something exciting you just would like to try. Deep down, just like me, you know the change that’s on your mind might be worth pursuing as well. I didn’t know at the start that my move was a particular good one. It looked quite stupid at the start to be frank. But, as Steve Jobs said, you can’t connect to dots going forward. You can only connect them going backwards.

So stop complaining, start believing, follow your gut instinct and give it a go.


Although you’re the expert of your life sometimes you just need that little bit of help to deal with the challenges life throws at you. A gentle nudge in the right direction so that you can clearly see and figure out the exciting path that lies ahead of you.

A coach can be that person for you and is someone who:

  • you can trust in a safe environment where you can feel completely understood.
  • listens to your story, with full attention but without judgement.
  • gets you from your A to B.
  • helps you begin to see and become more self-aware of the fruits of your own potential and resources within you.
  • makes you feel able and confident enough to step outside your comfort zone.
  • challenges your fake limitations and negative self-beliefs that are holding you back.
  • holds you accountable, maintains commitment, and regularly follows-up on your goals.
  • can help you clarify your mission and purpose.

My credentials

I have plenty of academic baggage to teach you how to make behaviour change happen and last – see my credentials – but purposely choose to remain down to earth and practical. You don’t want some academic talk full of jargon, you want simple tools and techniques you can apply immediately.

That said, professional development and understanding the theory behind practical usage is important to me. Therefore, I have obtained the following qualifications:

In 2017 I completed my final assessment in Cardiff to become a Qualified Life Coach with ILM (Instute of Leadership and Management). I'm also listed on the UK life coach directory, a nationwide database of qualified coaches and NLP practitioners.
In 2015 I completed a nine-day training to become a certified NLP Practitioner. I learned various NLP techniques, including submodalities, Swish patterns, anchoring, learning strategies, metamodel, milton model, and your subconsciousness (time line therapy, hypnosis). Also other techniques were included, such as Mindfullness, EMDR, EFT, TA, Hypnose, Timeline therapy, RET, and Wim Hof (Iceman).
As a Behaviour Therapist working for Skybound Therapies, I deal with behaviour change and motivation on a daily basis. I provide fun and positive interventions for individuals with learning and/or behavioural needs. Working together with families and schools to ensure that the children, adolescents and adults I work with reach their potential. As a therapist its my role to be responsible for the direct implementation of behaviour programmes such that kids and young adults with disabilities (not just autism) can reach their full potential.
As a coasteering instructor at Celtic Quest Coasteering I introduce visitors to an unforgettable adventure on the Pembrokeshire coastline. Encouraging clients to try something new, stretch themselves, step outside their comfort zones. Be that a 1m belly-flop jump into a calm glass sea or a 12m jump into a boiling turmoil of waves.
I have a Master in Consumer Studies (Wageningen University). My specialty lies in Behavioural Economics, a branch of economic research that adds elements of psychology to traditional economic models in an attempt to better understand decision-making.


To see how we can work together and see if life coaching is something for you.