What can I expect from a coaching session?

First and foremost, I want to make it clear to you that every session is tailored to you. No therapy/coaching session is the same because your story and your problems are unique to you and therefore different to anyone else if that makes sense.

That said, I can give you a general outline how it works. The way I coach is structured around 60 minutes sessions. I’ll start by getting to know your story and your struggle. I’ll make sure I understand, clarify, ask questions and challenge you when needed. This is all needed so that we can figure out exactly where your problem lies and what you think deserves attention first. When we've got all that, various coaching techniques and processes can be introduced throughout the session.

We can work on confidence, anxiety, relationship issues, lack of direction in life, struggling with difficult thoughts, etc. But what we need to work on first totally depends on your story, so that’s why we have to start there first. In general, as the sessions continue, you should start to develop skills to move more flexibly towards the life you want, regardless of how you feel, or what you think. I want you to leave the session with an action plan: something practical to take away and to actively make a difference in your life.


Naomi - I thought I wasn't good enough

I came to Nick as I needed some help with my confidence and self-belief issues. It was important to tackle them as I had a few dance auditions coming up and I was worried it might show as it was the main thing holding me back.

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Simon - I had motivational issues

I had some issues before with my motivation, diet and more specifically going the gym. Nick was a friendly and helpful coach who put me at ease and made the experience a lot more enjoyable and less daunting.

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Louise - Formulated more obtainable goals

I was a bit sceptical about life coaching at first as not my cup of tea, but Nick put me straight at ease. Looking back on it, it was an enjoyable experience.

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Richelle - Help with my career

Initially, I didn’t know what to do with my career. Nick helped me to look within myself and to search for the answers. He was like the critical sounding board I was exactly looking for. Already after two sessions I took my first big steps to chase my ambition.

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Coaching sessions. Where do they take place?

Face-to-face coaching sessions take place in a professional and safe environment in Pembrokeshire, either in Narberth or in Pembroke Dock. Depending where you live in Wales, you can choose which location is most convenient for you. Our coaching room in Narberth has the convenience that it is located in the heart of Pembrokeshire, within walking distance from a train station, a bus stop or free parking spaces. The postcode for our Narberth location is SA67 8TY. Narberth is a quirky little market town with a range a local and independent shops and pubs, well worth a visit if you are looking for a well-earned rest afterwards.

Our location in Pembroke Dock is at The Therapy Rooms Pembrokeshire. The Therapy Rooms offer a whole range of complementary health and wellbeing therapies. so have a look what more they have to offer. The address for our room at the Therapy Rooms is : Ferry Lane, Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire, SA71 4RE. Parking is available at the front of the clinic at our dedicated parking spaces.

Online coaching sessions take place via Zoom. Sometimes we share screens to go over a specific resource or PDF file. Any of these resources or activities that are discussed during the online sessions are made available afterwards via email  

Payment details: We take debit, credit card or cash.

Pricing of coaching sessions

Coaching sessions are competitively priced at 35 pounds per hour. This applied for both face-to-face and online sessions via Zoom. Reduced rates are available if you book for a coaching package which can either be 3 sessions for 100 pounds or 6 sessions for 180 pounds. Typically, I would advise my clients to initially book for one session so you can see for yourself if you're getting the value you are looking for. You can decide after the first session if you want to continue and book one more session or book a coaching package instead. Please call or email to check for availability. I accept payments via debit card, credit card payment or cash.


What makes the Habit Coach stand out to most other life coaches basically boils down to three things.

  1. Credibility
    In addition to being a certified life coach, Nick is also a accredited NLP Practitioner.
  2. Academic background
    Nick has got a MSc in Consumer Studies, received ABA training as a behaviour therapist and his therapy is also heavily influenced byACT, acceptance and commitment therapy. That said, coaching is a very experiential and active experience. During (and after) sessions you'll spend a lot of time practicing skills, not just talking about your problems.
  3. Relevant experience
    Nick tries to practice what he preaches and this is reflected in the work that he has done. His passion about providing guidance and support to individuals willing to make a change and exploring their potential can be traced back to his previous roles as a behavioural therapist (ABA therapist), an outdoor pursuit instructor and trainer where he worked with young learners and provide support to build their confidence and spark their aspirations.

In addition, Nick's coaching style can be characterised as:

Nick, Habit Coach


ACT is a very active from of therapy/coaching. It’s not just talking about your problems and feelings. The idea is we work together as a team, to help you build the sort of life you want to live. This often involves learning skills to unhook yourself from difficult thoughts or feelings, finding out what matters to you and taking action to solve your problems. The best way to do this is the same way you would learn to ride a bike, by practicing until you do it on your own.


I'm not going to ask you to commit to 3 or 6 sessions from the very start. I think that's a rigid approach. I always ask my clients to try a session first. If you get from it what you were looking for; great! You can book more sessions as long as it works for you. If it isn't helpful, then it doesn't make sense to book more sessions.


I will ask you at times to try new things that pay pull you out of your comfort zone - like learning new skills to focus on what matters here and now - but you never have to do them. You are always free to say no to anything I suggest.


The difference to all those books you’ve read, self-help gurus you follow, automated email campaigns you're currently subscribed to, or shiny PDF’s that still remain unopened in your inbox is there’s NO REAL ACCOUNTABILITY in place. That's why you haven't followed up. It's a sink or swim method. My approach is quite the opposite, call it sink and be rescued if you like, accountability and structure is a cornerstone. You're not doing it alone, you have an ally.


Great. Just call me so you can fire away with any additional questions you might have and you can judge for yourself if this is something for you. Alternatively, send me an email and I will come back to you as soon as possible. I look forward hearing from you.