How much does a life coach cost?

Let’s delve deeper into the question of how much does a life coach cost in the UK.

The way a coach prices themselves in the market depends, as you might already have guessed, on many factors. Using the data pulled from the UK life coach directory, this article will outline the coaching landscape as of September 2023. What are the current life coach hourly rates in the UK, and is there much variability at all? 

This article will give you the up-to-date numbers in an easy, digestible format. Hopefully, enabling you make a more informed decision whether to acquire the services of a coach and what kind of price point to go for.

Where the numbers come from

The life coach directory

Let’s start with the data. Most service-based industries in the private sector have directories that list said professionals in the market in return for a fee. The life coaching industry is no different. Arguably, the main directory in the UK is the life coach directory. As a coach, I have been a member of this platform since 2017. Since the end of 2022, the platform introduced a new feature, enabling its users to perform a search query using price per session as a filter. 

Using this hourly rate data, we can quantitatively answer the question of how much does a life coach cost in the UK. 

That said, there are some caveats. 

  1. Not every life coach that is listed on the directory lists their prices publicly. 
  2. Some life coaches adopt alternative pricing models, such as packages or monthly retainers. 

So it’s important to note that this article is only able to show you the hourly rates as displayed publicly. 

The data

Using the data from 4th of September 2023, there are 1,246 coaches listed on the life coach directory. The price per session filter starts at £20 per hour and uses £5 intervals until the £195 price-point. After that, coaches will fall into the £200 and more category. A total of 227 coaches are listed in this upper-tier bracket.  But for most of the coaches, this means that some of their services fall within this tier. More than often, these coaches list a price range instead of a price point. For instance, £150 – £200 price range. This is where things get messy and for this reason, this price point is not included in the data, as the data would be misrepresented. 

Visualising the hourly rates for life coaches in the UK

Hourly rates vs number of coaches

Here is a bar chart representing the data from the life coach directory. It lists the number of coaches on the horizontal axis, and the different price points on the vertical axis.

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The chart displays the most frequently used hourly rate, which is £50 per hour. Interestingly, you can also see that  £100 per hour and  £150 per hour are popular price points used by coaches.

Cumulative amount of coaches vs. hourly rate 

Another way of representing the data, is via a line graph. As you can see below, the hourly rate is displayed on the horizontal axis, and the cumulative amount of coaches at these rates are displayed on the vertical axis. 

ZnBOM 8OZQ7PBUTRA8YNxitP2zapGzkBMgU9sYhTTwsbr5Ub81ADSuWoJGfRuYuLJ VuRAIoBjKCKR2dJfeHuqBFxWXmdNegBtm0Dh17i3 6bsP uahsTRkaBNPp LRVrxTV YdaO4TrNWJqL4Y kT4

For instance, this shows that 20% of all coaches listed on the directory charge £50 or less per hour. Similarly, 83% of all coaches listed on the directory charge £100 or less per hour for a coaching session.  The average hourly rate listed on the life coach directory is £81 per hour. The most frequent listed price on the life coach directory is £50 per hour (The Habit Coach currently lists itself at £70 per hour).


The average hourly rate on the life coach directory is £81 per hour. The most frequently listed price is £50 per hour. But the bottom line is that there is a significant variability in the hourly rate offers out there. You can find coaches that charge £20 per hour, but you can also find them for 10x that amount.

It’s tempting to understand more about that, but I will leave that for another post, where I take into consideration the coaches’ costs structure & their value proposition. 


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